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Startle Your Readers By Beginning Your Sentences With Correlative Conjunctions

08th March 2010
Master writers choose to start their sentences with unusual constructions not only to to pique curiosity, but also to startle the reader. Notice how Charles Dickens opens his long novel David Copperfield with the correlative conjunction 'whether/or.' Dick... Read >

Boethius' The Consolation of Philosophy: Good and Ill Fortune

23rd February 2010
According to Aristotle a tragedy must happen to a high personage to be truly a tragedy. The rapid fall from power that happened to Boethius fits the Aristotelian definition. Boethius (480 - 524/6), born in Rome of an ancient family, served as the head of ... Read >

Daisy Buchanan: a Strange Beauty and Echolalia

12th February 2010
When Edgar Allan Poe quoted --in his Gothic tale Ligeia-- Elizabethan politician and scholar Francis Bacon, I asked myself:"Is there some truth to this?" The quotation is startling and deserves exploration: "There's no exquisite beauty," says Bacon, Lord ... Read >

Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Saint Augustine

11th February 2010
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 - 1778), musician, vagabond, philosopher, prose stylist, novelist, educator, and acknowledged father of the French Revolution and Romanticism, remains today a colorful character --both derided and revered. In this article I ... Read >

What is Magic Realism

28th January 2010
Magic realism in literature is a literary genre that combines fantastic or dreamlike elements with realism. It differs from pure fantasy -which involves outlandish universes- in the fact that it is set in a normal, quotidian contemporary world, a world of... Read >

Is Stream Of Consciousness Dead?

17th December 2009
What to me or many interested readers might be a great novel, to students and many others who may not be open to experiment, To The Light House may be boring; if not un-readable. Stream of consciousness Stylistically, the novel belongs to the genre ... Read >

"Ly" Sentence Openers - Campaign Against Adverbs

27th November 2009
Lots of writers --even professional ones-- are fond of using an abundance of adverbs. The reason for this is that instead of searching for a precise verb they reach for a quick weak verb; it follows then that verb then will need to be buttressed by an adv... Read >

Truman Capote's Breakfast At Tiffany's - Writing Techniques

24th November 2009
Right at the outset I want to make clear that my object of commentary is Truman Capote's novelette Breakfast at Tiffany's, and not the movie by the same name. From the novelistic point of view, a few of Truman Capote's writing techniques drew my attent... Read >

Stephenie Meyer: Writing {Boring|Clumsy) Sentence Openers

24th November 2009
Here's an excerpt from young writing phenomenon and bestseller Stephenie Meyer's Twilight: Jess drove faster than the chief, so we made it to Port Angeles by four. It had been a while since I've had a girls' night out, and the estrogen rush was invigor... Read >

F. Scott Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby - Jordan Baker, Lesbian

24th November 2009
While Nick Carraway is the only narrator of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, Jordan Baker -a secondary character- is an ocular witness and agent in the turbulent history of the Buchanan's. Jordan is not only Nick's main source of what happened back... Read >

Well Written Sentence Openers In Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho

09th November 2009
What can one say about a fine writer -Bret Easton Ellis- who chooses a vicious and violent theme? To me it seems like a waste of talent. But to each his own! Why lament the fact that Flaubert -another superb writer- chose to write about infidelity, adulte... Read >

Possessive Nouns - When To Use The Apostrophe

29th September 2009
One of the oldest traits that makes man human --and something that we can all relate to-- is 'possession.' While animals are fiercely territorial, humans are fiercely possessive. We compete so that we can win something, be that an asset or some abstrac... Read >

Stendhal, The Red And The Black (Rouge Et Noir)

16th September 2009
Having picked up and read The Red and Black many times, from beginning to end, and attempted and failed to find the thread --the golden nugget-- that makes it a great book, I've finally given up. From now on I will just enjoy the novel. However, I wil... Read >

Atticus Finch The Hero Of To Kill A Mockingbird Is Rated The Greatest American Hero

10th September 2009
Who is the greatest American hero? Brad Pitt? Arnold? John Wayne, James Dean, Clint Eastwood...? Answer: the hero of Harper Lee's immortal novel To Kill a Mockingbird: Atticus Finch. Forget about Captain Ahab, Rambo, Rocky, Mike Hammer, Rooster Cogb... Read >

FAQ For Plant Assets, Natural Resources, And Intangible Assets

28th August 2009
What is Accelerated Depreciation Method? The accelerated depreciation method provides for a higher depreciation expense in the first year of the asset's use, followed by gradually declining amounts in subsequent years. What is Amortization? Amo... Read >
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